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Things to Look Out for When Buying Car Insurance

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"Prudence When Buying Car Insurance"

Car accidents are a frequent fact of life and as more cars squeeze onto our roads, the chances of your having an accident will continue to rise.  Protect yourself with car insurance before anything bad has a chance of happening. Don't risk driving if you don't have auto insurance! The with the tips we share below you will be able to pick auto insurance that is right for you.

Married Drivers

Adding your spouse to your car insurance policy is picked up as a signal by insurers that you are more responsible, so many companies will lower your rates just for that reason. If your spouse has a clean driving record, that can help lower your rates as well.
A few years ago, it was an easy decision to make to drop medical payments from your automobile insurance policy because your health insurance policy would cover almost all of your accident-related medical costs.  However, today health insurance coverage is much more limited in scope and so it is now more important than ever to check to see if it sensible to include medical coverage in your auto insurance as a top up.

Teenager & Young Drivers

Your teenage driver may be eligible for a number of discounts that could make auto insurance more affordable, so be sure to inquiry about these with your insurer. For example, some companies give a discount to good students with a GPA above 3.0. Building up a safe driving record and demonstrating to an insurer that you are a responsible driver by attending a defensive driving course and have a car with good safety features will all help in reducing the annual cost of a teenager's insurance.
If you do not drive that many miles each year, look into the low-mileage insurance for your car. If you put less than 12,000 miles on your car each year and do not have the low-mileage insurance, you may be losing out on a good bit of extra money each month.
You can save money by increasing your deductible in case of collision. This means you will pay less every month, but will pay a more important part of the repairs if you get into an accident. If this is a risk you are willing to take, put some money aside.

New Car Insurance – What to Watch Out for

Many brand new cars come with warranty that already includes services such as rental cover if your car breaks down and is in need of repair or towing. If you find that your new vehicle's warranty includes these benefits,  you won't want be paying for them again in your auto insurances. So have them removed to lower the cost of your premiums.
Remember that you didn't just buy the first car that you ran across, but took time to analyze all of the good options. You should follow the same rule when looking at car insurance. Many times you will just want to accept the first deal you find, but you should be sure to look around at many options both online and in the agencies.
When you are checking rates with different car insurance companies, make sure your information is consistent with every quote you get. This way you can be sure you are getting the best quotes possible with each company you get quotes from. Then, you can accurately choose the company with the best rates.

Some Good News for Homeowner?

A great way for you to save money on your auto insurance is to find a multi-insurance carrier. Ask your insurance agent about car insurance discounts for having all of your insurance coverage with him or her. When you have your car, homeowners, health and dental insurance all in one place, you may qualify for a good discount. Additionally, if you have multiple cars to insure, it may lower your rates.
Although, it can be good to have all your insurance in one place, you don't have to be slavishly loyal to your insurance agent. If you can get a better deal on car insurance from a company other than the one that carries your homeowners policy, by all means, change companies!

Renting Your Car?

If you want to save even more money, check with the insurance company if they offer a discount on their insurance if you take out more than 1 insurance policy with them, e.g. as well as auto insurance you get coverage for homeowners insurance.
Our roads are increasingly get more and more busy and as they do inevitably more accident occur no matter how good drivers are. So don't take the risk of driving without insurance and don't let teenagers in your household borrow the car without suitable cover. Use the tips above to find the right auto insurance for you and your family!

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